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 Torn Love

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Torn Love Empty
PostSubject: Torn Love   Torn Love EmptyTue Aug 14, 2007 1:18 am

To My Bones I've Shred My Love
And Still It Wasnt Enough
I Thought That This Love Would Last Forever
I Wish We could still be Together
I Wish U Still Were Mine
Without You I Dont Know If I'll Be Fine
Life Is Hard Living Without Her Love Around Me
Why Couldn't You see ?
I Dont Want To End My Life As I Used To Do Before
I See Now That Life Has To Offer More
But On The Other Side, Life Can Only Get Better From Now On
As The Sun Rises Along With My Hope In The Dawn
I Get Up And Hope For More Luck In My Life
And Hope The Reaper Doesn't Come to Soon With His Scythe
I Have To Look for A New Girl Or Something Else That Fills The Emptynes
For Gods Sake My Life Is A Mess
For A Few Years I've Lived in Tears, Broken Hearts and Fear
But Life Doesn't Ends Here
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Torn Love
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