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 Working through emotions.

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Working through emotions. Empty
PostSubject: Working through emotions.   Working through emotions. EmptyTue Aug 14, 2007 1:17 am

Some people work through their emotions by making music.
Some of them electric, Some of them acoustic.
A small group works through it by hurting themselves, cutting in their body.
Some people drown their emotions by drinking alcohol from the brewery.
Some person express it by nudity.
But I express my emotions by poetrie.
Some people think that Iím good.
I donít care about that, Iím not in the right mood.
Not everyone has all emotions, most people just have some.
But every obstacle can be overcome.
So if anything goes wrong.
Donít be down for too long.
Try to calm yourself, write a poem, Shout or sing a song.
Or do something else that calms you.
Take a piss or a dump, Sometimes that helps too.
Or think of a happy valley.
Everything will get better eventually.
Remember! : ďTo get to the top, U will have to start at the bottomĒ.
And I know some more wise things but I forgot Ďem
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Working through emotions.
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