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 When hate and happiness appear

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When hate and happiness appear Empty
PostSubject: When hate and happiness appear   When hate and happiness appear EmptyTue Aug 14, 2007 1:16 am

Why do i always care so much about my fellow human?
Is it because we all live under the same sun....?
I hate myself for my emotions being so strong
Sometimes im so sad that i cry all night long
My emotional canyon is so deep
that i cry myself to sleep
then the next day, when i wake up i can't cry
i have no fluid anymore, i've run dry
Even if i want to cry, there are no tears.
Not even when reality becomes my biggest fears.
And then my body becomes ill.
But also i can be so happy that i can't sit still ..
Then i just have o move
like i have something to prove
when i am happy, i just love to dance.
even more than some romance.
I don't know but maybe that's a crime.
Anyways i had enough love for quite some time.
Because the last few times i was tricked.
Maybe it was because i was an love addict.
But there's one beautiful girl, i've seen her once but i can't get her out of my mind.
U know wut they say : "Love Makes Blind"
When i looked again for her, She dissapeared.
I thought : "That's weird"
But i hope to see her again
Then i'll do whatever i can
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When hate and happiness appear
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