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 Just let me be who i want to be.

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Just let me be who i want to be. Empty
PostSubject: Just let me be who i want to be.   Just let me be who i want to be. EmptyTue Aug 14, 2007 1:15 am

Stop Ruining My life you evil witch
If you're not gonna stop I'll destroy you bitch
I hate you so much right now
To me, You're nothing more tha a Fat Ugly Cow
Just Leave Me Alone !
Go to someone else if you have something to moan
U've already done severe damage
I live my life now on the edge
I don't want to be involved with you again
If you bother me, To stop you, I'll do anything i can
U Damaged my heart, My body core !
I just want to live a normal life once more
I don't want to many problematic situations
But life has many different Fluctuations
Things always happen with a reasons
Problems come and go with the seasons
I Hope my life will clear anytime soon.
Because now i am torn apart and thinking while i stare at the moon
It's Just no good anymore, I don't know how much more i can take
But many people will look at me and see a fake
They will see a happy individual
Maybe they'll even think im dull
Only my true friends will see my real form
They will see that my problems are of format enorm.
They will try to relax and comfort me
They understand my thought"Just Let Me Be Who I Want To Be ! "
To have that sort of friends is a luxury
At least when i die, My soul will be problemfree
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Just let me be who i want to be.
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