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 My Lifestory by WoopWoop

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My Lifestory by WoopWoop Empty
PostSubject: My Lifestory by WoopWoop   My Lifestory by WoopWoop EmptyTue Aug 14, 2007 1:15 am

I am 17 but i still have had almost continuesly fights with my mom for the last decade.
I hope that when i grow older these memories fade.
Through my mother, I have a lot of problems with other members of my family.
And i am not accepted in the current society.
The community is these days Lead by the press.
For that sole reason, I am weird because of the way i dress.
People stare at me, Make fun of me and call me by any offensive name.
If something happens, People point at me:"He Did It" They'll claim.
Every grilfriend that i have had, has broken up with me in a weird or hard way.
The one person that stood up for me in my childhood, died a few years ago, that was for me a though day.
For 7 years, i was getting picked on at school.
Every day getting beaten up by some or another fool.
Someone is willing to commit suicide because of me she says.
but she left me for someone else and now she is ruining my life, but i think its the stress.
but it hurts me deeply, i admit.
However i do blame her for doing that because she isnt forced to do it.
I never knew my dad.
I dont know if that is good or bad.
Cancer is also a part of my Life, but it wasn't dangerous.
but they removed it ferocious.
I am only 17 but i already have great internal and external scars.
Sometimes i do think :"Do i come from Mars?"
Well Why is my life such a mess?
Maybe i should care less.
But if i do that i will hurt someone.
Life is full of hard decisions, it is no fun.
U can think things over and do the math.
But hey, Life will always take another path.
now that this poem is done.
Maybe u will understand why i call myself The Torn One
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My Lifestory by WoopWoop
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