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 Confusing Minds

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Confusing Minds Empty
PostSubject: Confusing Minds   Confusing Minds EmptyTue Aug 14, 2007 1:13 am

My Mind Plays Tricks With Me Again Once More
Because I Can't Sleep Anymore, I Am Terribly Sore
I Want This To End And Make A Choice
But Even If I Yell Noone Hears My Inner Voice
Several Girls Keep Running Through My Mind
With The Pictures Of Them My Retina Is Signed
I Can't See To Forget Them And Let Them Go
And When One Of Those Decide To Be With Me My, Eyes Will Glow
Only Then I Will Be Truly Happy In My Life What I Am Currently Living In
But Thinking That Is In My Community A Sin
Mostly I Am Not Accepted Here In This Community
They All Say : Have No Pity
But The Way They Act To Me Seriously Makes Me Feel Bad
Sometimes Even People Ask Me : Why Are You Mad ?
Then I Mostly Say : Fuck Off Fool U Dont Know Jack Shit About Me
And Just Respect Me And Let Me Be
I Hope My Mind Finds Rest Soon
And Then I Can Make Fun Again And Look With A Smile To The Moon
I Just Want To Have Pleasure In My Life Again And Problem Free For A While If It Can
These Are Some Things In My Life That Matter
And I Have High Hopes That It Eventually Get Better

Enjoy and tell me wut u think of it .
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Confusing Minds
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