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 SchizoFrenics by WoopWoop

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PostSubject: SchizoFrenics by WoopWoop   SchizoFrenics by WoopWoop EmptyTue Aug 14, 2007 1:12 am

Sometimes I Dont Even Know Who I Am
Sometimes I Am Myself And Suddenly Wham
Then I Am A Complete Different Person
This Is A Personal Battle That Has To Be Won
It Can Be A Long And Hard Battle For Some Individuals
And For That U Need A Big Par Of Balls
U May Hope That U Win And That U Lose
Because U Do Good And U Destroy Urself With Booze
U are Helping People While U Destroy Lives Of Other
Maybe U Are Thinking Now : Why Bother ?
Well Because U Can Heal Urself To A Better Person Than What U Are Currently
But Dont Be Hasty Things Must Be Thought Over Gently
Eventually There Can Only Be 1 Person Of Urself
Thats The Goal U Need To Achieve And Nothing Else

enjoy xD and tell me wut u think of it
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SchizoFrenics by WoopWoop
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